Senior Portrait Guide

Senior Portraits Are a Once-in-a-lifetime Experience!

You deserve a photographer who understands how important this moment in your life is! A photographer who wants your senior portraits to reflect not only what you look like but WHO YOU ARE!

So now you are a high school senior.

A major milestone in your life!

Now is the time to celebrate YOU, the person you are, the person you have become.

It is time to celebrate your milestones, your successes and look to your future!

Celebrate YOU with a custom Senior session, tailored to your personality!

What to Wear?

Want to look the best for your session, but not sure what to wear?


Pick 3 Diverse Outfits: The first outfit should be a casual style. The second outfit a more formal look. And the third outfit should be centered around your personality, such as a sport, hobby or interest.

What Not to Wear?

What are some things you should avoid wearing?


Don’t wear overly branded clothing or outrageous graphic tees.

Don’t wear glitter makeup or too much lip gloss.

Don’t wear anything uncomfortable or overly fussy.

Pose Like a Pro

During your session I will go over a short tutorial of the four core poses before we get started. From those four core poses, we will build on to more advanced poses in no time! Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you feel empowered during your session.


Unless you're already a model, having your photo taken can feel awkward! The first few minutes of your session may feel this way, but once you've mastered the posing (and you will!), you will start to feel like a natural behind the lens!

Let Your Personality Shine

Your Senior photos are here to represent YOU, and everything that you love.

Soccer star? Pull out those cleats and meet me on the soccer field!

Can't put the books down? Bring some to your session for props!

Love shooting hoops? I'll meet you on the court!

Play the guitar? Bring it along, and play me a song!

Want pictures at the University you'll be attending? Bring your cap and gown, and I'll bring the confetti!

Senior Session Pricing

Pricing includes:

  • 1-1.5 Hour Session
  • Travel and Set-Up of Equipment
  • 3 Outfit Change Opportunities
  • Professional Editing on the Best Portraits
  • Personalized Mobile Gallery App to view sneak peeks, share highlights, and download your Portraits
  • Print Release on all Portraits in your Mobile Gallery


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Senior Portrait Questionnaire

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